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The Christ Mystery

Reflections on the Second Coming

August 2018
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  • Publisher
    Rudolf Steiner College
  • Published
    3rd August 2018
  • ISBN 9780945803393
  • Pages 146 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

The event of Christ's Second Coming has ushered in a New Age. Today almost everyone has heard of the New Age, but few people realize that it has to do with Christ's Second Coming:

" far as I know, Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925), the founder of Anthroposophy, was the first person to speak of it. Again and again he referred to the start of the New Age in 1899.... In 1899 there began the reintegration of Christ's etheric body into the etheric aura of the Earth, lasting 33 years until 1933.... [This book] is intended as a contribution to help find an orientation to this event." (Robert Powell)

The Christ Mystery offers the fruit of many years reflection on the Second Coming, it's cosmological aspects, the approaching trial of humanity, and the challenges of living in apocalyptic times, against the background of "great signs from heaven."

Robert A. Powell, PhD

Robert A. Powell, PhD, is an internationally known lecturer, author, eurythmist, and movement therapist. He is founder of the Choreocosmos School of Cosmic and Sacred Dance, and cofounder of the Sophia Foundation of North America. He received his doctorate for his thesis The History of the Zodiac, available as a book from Sophia Academic Press. He is the author and coauthor of numerous work, including The Sophia Teachings (a six-tape series), as well as numerous books on star wisdom (Astrosophy), the divine feminine (Sophia), the Christian Mysteries, and sacred movement. He has also been a contributing editor of the annual journal Star Wisdom. He translated the spiritual classic Meditations on the Tarot and co-translated Valentin Tomberg’s Lazarus, Come Forth! Robert teaches a gentle form of healing movement: the sacred dance of eurythmy, as well as the Cosmic Dances of the Planets and signs of the zodiac. Through the Sophia Grail Circle, Robert facilitates sacred celebrations dedicated to the Divine Feminine. He has also offered numerous workshops in Europe and Australia, and with Karen Rivers, cofounder of the Sophia Foundation, and has led pilgrimages to the world’s sacred sites since 1996.