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Little Pearl

August 2020
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  • Publisher
    Floris Books
  • Published
    21st August 2020
  • ISBN 9781782505990
  • Language English
  • Pages 32 pp.
  • Size 8.5" x 11"

Grace's brother has disappeared and she misses him, and his music, terribly. One day, she finds herself falling, falling... and wakes up in a strange land where she is as tiny as a bug. Exploring this amazing world, filled with incredible creatures, Grace feels happier than she has done for a long time. 

But then she is captured by an evil crab and forced to dive for pearls. Beneath the water Grace hears a familiar tune: could it be her brother? And if so, how can they escape this dreamlike land? 

This intriguing, beautiful tale of wonder and sibling love has echoes of Alice in Wonderland in its surreal, atmospheric setting. Martin Widmark's vivid story is brought to life for young children through spectacularly imaginative illustrations by Emilia Dziubak. Martin and Emilia are also the creators of The House of Lost and Found, named a USBBY Best International Book 2019.

“This riveting bedtime story follows Grace into an alternate world where she must escape the menacing claws of a giant crab that forces lost children to gather pearls from snapping clam shells. Hauntingly wild, captivating artwork depicts Grace's surreal journey as she rallies a group of ragtag children to lead them home again. Because of this instant classic, imaginations will soar; whether it's bedtime, daytime, or any time else, a bit of fantasy is in order.” —Foreword Reviews

“Surreal adventures are brought to life in Dziubak's stunning, colored pencil illustrations. With dark backgrounds showcasing bright botanical and floral details, the intriguing scenes have a classically romantic appearance. Densely written paragraphs relay Grace's reunion with her missing sibling, and a triumphant escape from the clutches of their captor.” —School Library Journal

“An imaginatively illustrated fantasy with a dreamlike feel.... Dziubak's romantic colored pencil illustrations place doll-like images of children and creatures against dramatic, moody backdrops of flowers and waterside foliage. Grace is a resourceful hero, and her fanciful, The Water-Babies–esque story packs a lot of adventure into the picture book format.” —Publishers Weekly

“This is a magical story combined with beautiful pencil illustrations—a real treat!... The drawings are in muted colors and are complete works of art—Dziubak raises the bar on how children's books should be illustrated with incredible talent using simple tools. 5/5.” —Youth Services Book Review

“[A] beautifully illustrated, imaginative story.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A delightful story.... With gorgeous illustrations, and full of emotions, danger, humor and fantastical characters, this is a great book to read aloud.” —Juno

Martin Widmark

Martin Widmark is the bestselling Swedish children's author of over 100 books. His titles consistently top Sweden's bestseller lists and have been translated into more than thirty-five languages. Before becoming a full-time author, Martin worked as a middle-school teacher and a Swedish language teacher for immigrants, and now uses his experiences to promote reading and literacy for young people.