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Our Incredible Library Book

. . . and the Wonderful Journeys It Took

Caroline Crowe
Illustrated by John Joseph
June 2023
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  • Publisher
    Floris Books
  • Published
    6th June
  • ISBN 9781782507413
  • Language English
  • Pages 32 pp.
  • Size 10.63" x 9.84"

"Welcome to the library...
A room packed with stories from ceiling to floor,
Shelves of adventures for you to explore.
But each book has two stories—the tale the words tell,
And the tale of the journey it's been on as well."

This is the story of one incredible library book and all the children who've borrowed it. It's been hugged, lost, torn, chewed by a dog, and soaked in the rain. It's been read in apartments and in tents, in the park and in the classroom; by children in costumes and pajamas, reading alone or with their friends, their siblings and their parents.

Each time it returns to the library it's a little more worn, but a lot more loved. For every rip, scribble, or stain there's a child who has found adventure or escape, comfort or excitement in its pages. That's the magic of a library book!

This fun, rhyming text from Caroline Crowe celebrates a love of books and libraries, the joy of discovering a new favorite read, and of sharing it with others. New York Times bestseller John Joseph's bright and joyful illustrations bring a diverse cast of children to life with humor and enthusiasm.

(Ages 4 to 7 years)

“The bright, textured illustrations depict a vibrant community of children from all backgrounds, with different family set-ups. Going to the library is a regular part of their routine, and they are shown sharing books with great joy. The rhyming text has a wonderful rhythm that makes it easy to read aloud, and the overall feel is of delight in the magic of books. This would be perfect to have in a school library, and to share at home.” —Book Trust

“Crowe's rhyming couplets conveys an exuberant experience of borrowing, reading, and loving books, brought to life by Joseph's whimsical, cheery artwork. A sweetly clever reminder about the intrinsic good that libraries deliver.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Written in an upbeat, natural-sounding manner, the rhymed verses create a rhythmic cadence that will draw children into the saga of the book's experiences. Hand-drawn with digital brushes, the well-composed, vibrant illustrations radiate warmth and good humor. A pleasing addition to library collections.” —Booklist

“A truly magical read about the magic of sharing a book.” —Father Teacher Reader, Instagram

“This book made me want to run out to the library!... Such a pleasant feeling reading this book.” —Youth Services Book Review, Starred Review

“The text bounces along with an easy rhythm and satisfying rhyme. Cheerful, colorful illustrations introduce us to a diverse range of characters, all united in their enjoyment of a good book. The design of the book cleverly reflects all the adventures within, complete with scribbles and stains, folded corners, peeling stickers and sellotape repairs. A library is a treasure-house, it’s wealth available free to one and all. The humble library deserves to be celebrated with trumpet-calls and golden fanfare, and this wonderful book does just that.” —Armadillo

“It is upbeat and full of fun but also emphasizes the thrill that can come from reading. It really is a wonderful book to read out loud and the joy is only added to by the animated illustrations throughout.” —Bookish Way to Play, Instagram

“A delightful celebration of the wonder that library books bring to children’s lives. The colourful illustrations depict a diverse group of book-loving children, and are full of engaging and fun details.” —Little Library Owl, Instagram

“What a fun testament to the power and might of books, reading and libraries. The spreads depicting the library show children engaged and excited by books and a welcoming, comfortable and inclusive space for all. We highly recommend it.” —The Little Literary Society, Instagram

Caroline Crowe

Caroline Crowe is an award-winning author of several books for children, including Pirates in Pyjamas and How Do You Make a Rainbow? She was a journalist for many years before making the jump to writing for children full time. Caroline lives in Hampshire, England, with her young family, surrounded by chaos and their ever-growing collection of children's books.