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The Discovery Illustrated Family Bible

February 2024
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  • Publisher
    Floris Books
  • Published
    20th February
  • ISBN 9781782508656
  • Language English
  • Pages 320 pp.
  • Size 7.1" x 8.86"

This beautifully illustrated Bible has been retold for children aged 8 and up in an engaging and easy-to-understand style. Soft, glowing watercolor illustrations help to bring a full range of Old and New Testament stories to life, making this an inspiring and powerful introduction to overarching Christian themes—God's faithfulness to his people and the promise of Christ for all of humanity. Readers can also discover insight into the people and places of the Bible through family trees, a glossary, and maps of the Holy Land.

The Discovery Illustrated Family Bible makes a perfect gift for children and will be a source of joy for the whole family. The book has a durable hardcover with a presentation page and ribbon marker.

The stories are warmly retold by Christian Maclean and vividly depicted through 58 full-page illustrations by artist David Newbatt.

(Ages 8 to 14 years)

“An inexpensive precious jewel.... David Newbatt, who has brought his skill of creating a mood in our soul with his pictures to illustrating the contents throughout. Christian Maclean who spent much time on retelling the stories, true to their essence, and for weaving them together so masterfully, written in such a way that you want to read on to find out how life carries on. This book is a wonderful gift.”

— Perspectives

C O N T E N T S:


Adam and Eve
Noah and the Flood
The Tower of Babel

The Patriarchs

Moses Leads the Israelites
The Years in the Desert

Conquest of the Promised Land
The Leader-Judges

The Kingdom of Israel
Solomon and Later Kings

The Prophets
Elijah and Elisha
The Decline of the Two Kingdoms

Babylonian Exile
Ezekiel and Daniel
Tobit and Tobias
The Return from Babylonia

Awaiting the Messiah
The Maccabees


Jesus Christ
The Birth and Childhood of Jesus
Jesus Meets John the Baptist
The Early Work of Jesus
The Sermon on the Mount
Miracles and Healing
Later Events in the Life of Jesus
The Last Days of Jesus
The Resurrection and Ascension

The Apostles
The Acts of the Apostles
Paul of Tarsus
The Revelation of St. John


Christian Maclean

Christian Maclean has been involved in The Christian Community since childhood. He started training to be a priest but instead agreed to assume management of the Community's English-language publisher in Edinburgh, Scotland, Floris Books,which he ran for thirty-five years. He is currently chair of The Christian Community in Great Britain and Editor at Floris Books. Christian is the author of Pioneers of Religious Renewal. He lives in Edinburgh.