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Scoochie Mouse Series

Scoochie Mouse and the Miracle of Life

January 2021
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  • Publisher
    Bell Pond Books
  • Published
    5th January 2021
  • ISBN 9781952166068
  • Language English
  • Pages 168 pp.
  • Size 7" x 8"

Scoochie Mouse makes her home in the chicken coop beneath the nest of her friend Henrietta, on the farm of a kind, loving family with two children, Tom and Jessica, their friend Birdie, and their dog Woof.

Scoochie’s adventures and growing knowledge of the world are interwoven with farm and family life, with the circle of the seasons, and with fairy tales told during quiet evenings. The world in which Scoochie and the farm family live is our world, too, seen through the innocent eyes of childhood.

Our play, our work, our song,
In us becomes a light.
We carry it along, ’til stars shine through the night.
With the stars we share our light, filled with love, shining bright.

Born from the wisdom of the Waldorf approach to early childhood learning, Scoochie Mouse and the Miracle of Life (as well as its companion, The Adventures of Scoochie Mouse) is a gentle, healing book about deep reverence for the natural world, abiding kindness toward all creatures, love, and goodness.

The 56 short chapters are perfect for reading aloud to young children and are appropriate for early readers (and grown-ups!) to read themselves.

(Ages 3–6+ years)

"If you enjoyed the first Scoochie Mouse book, you should waste no time in picking this one up as well. All the elements of the original Scoochie Mouse book are in full force here. Aspects such as sensitivity to seasonal understandings, wonderfully imaginative and picture rich language, adult themes told in kid friendly language, stories within stories, songs - you name it, it is in here! No doubt Theresa Roach Melia has brought her years of experience as a Waldorf educator to life here and continues to deliver. Even those not part of the Waldorf movement and just looking for a child friendly story with some depth should welcome this into their homes. I am looking forward to more as the Scoochie Mouse legacy continues."

Frank Vazquez, Resource Specialist, Sebastopol Independent Charter School

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Theresa Roach Melia

Theresa Roach Melia was a Waldorf kindergarten teacher for many years and has been writing poetry since she was fourteen. The tale of Scoochie Mouse originated as a story for Theresa to tell her beloved daughter Fiona as they walked to school, and the adventures of Scoochie Mouse grew further during rest times in Theresa’s kindergarten class. Theresa lives in Northern California with her sweet man and her cats and dog.