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The Light Root

Nutrition of the Future: A Spiritual–Scientific Study

Ralf Roessner
Contributions by Clemens Hildebrandt
Translated by Michael Williams
Revised by David Macgregor
August 2014
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  • Publisher
    Temple Lodge Publishing
  • Published
    11th August 2014
  • ISBN 9781906999636
  • Language English
  • Pages 48 pp.
  • Size 5.25" x 8.5"

“This plant is the only one that is in a position to store light ether; this will be indispensable for people in future.” — Rudolf Steiner

Koberwitz, Whitsun 1924: Rudolf Steiner had just completed his momentous lecture course on biodynamic agriculture and was waiting for a car to take him to the station. Suddenly he was approached by two of his pupils with an urgent question: Would his new indications for treating soil and vegetables be sufficient to provide “nutrition appropriate to our times and in accordance with the spirit”? Steiner’s frank response was somewhat surprising: “It will not be sufficient, even in the most favorable circumstances. What should be done is to cultivate the Dioscorea batatas in Europe so that it can take over from the potato as the staple diet.”

In the many decades since that conversation, various attempts have been made to cultivate Dioscorea batatas (“light root”) in Europe, initially by Steiner’s close colleague Guenther Wachsmuth. More recently, biodynamic farmer Ralf Roessner began to research the plant and its background, but soon discovered problems with the specimens available in Europe. Unsatisfied with the standard of the plants, in 2002, he traveled to China and the original growing areas of Dioscorea batatas. There, he was able to form a comprehensive picture of the best planting methods and conditions. “The nodules I found and brought back with me,” he writes, “showed similar light ether characteristics to the original plants of Wachsmuth.”

Having successfully cultivated and marketed this light root, Roessner presents some carefully assembled introductory materials based on his experiences and those of a colleague. This small book, illustrated with color images, is intended for people who wish to discover more about the plant’s being and spiritual mission as an aid to progress. Roessner explains how the light root stores “light ether” in a unique way, making it not only a valuable food but also a “carrier of the spirit.” The light root could even “decisively influence the development of humanity and the Earth.” Aside from studying esoteric aspects, he gives answers to frequently asked, practical questions about the plant and its cultivation.

C O N T E N T S:


Initial Approaches
Historical Aspects
“The Plant” by Clemens Hildebrandt
Methods of Cultivation
Nutritional Significance
“The Light Root” by Clemens Hildebrandt
Tips for Cooking and Processing: Healing Properties
“A Consideration of the Plant Being of the Light Root” by Clemens Hildebrandt
Concluding Thoughts


Ralf Roessner

Ralf Roessner is a passionate beekeeper and a biodynamic farmer, cultivating and processing the “light root” (Dioscorea batatas), which his company IMTON GmbH develops and markets. He is the author of The Light Root (Temple Lodge, 2014). In addition, Ralf has been working in the field of water research for twenty years. As a former Waldorf school teacher, he is interested in all new developments in education, and as a father of two adult children, he aims to be in touch with the pulse of the times. All of this informs Ralf's quest for healthy nutrition for the future through meditative as well as experimental research into subtle matter.