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Small Steps to Less Waste

Stories to Inspire Change

November 2021
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  • Publisher
    Hawthorn Press
  • Published
    16th November 2021
  • ISBN 9781912480296
  • Language English
  • Pages 96 pp.
  • Size 7.3" x 10"

What are the tipping points that encourage people to make significant changes to their behavior? Small Steps to Less Waste includes ten stories of personal enlightenment and the practical changes made. The book offers simple alternatives to mass-produced, store-bought, packaged goods. People of all ages can develop the skills and courage to make, create, repair, and look after what they have instead of always buying new. 

Each chapter suggests practical changes, recipes, and methods. The reader is introduced to the idea of making things they’ve probably never even thought of making before (for example toothpaste or lip salve). This can be a revelation to and help people feel as if they have more control.

The reader will read about the journey of each maker and what led them to change their perspective and actions. Included are tips on how to change our behavior; saving money; how to cut waste and reduce consumption; tips on how to repair, reuse, and recycle—and why.

All royalties for this book go to Stroud District Action on Plastic, part of Transition Stroud (UK), which actively works with the town and district council to reduce single-use plastic in the local area. The fund will support outreach to lead workshops, attend conferences, and educate. 

Quickthorn works in collaboration with the University of Gloucestershire Photography Department, featuring the beach-waste photographs of course leader Trudie Ballantyne, as well as images by Amy Harvey.

‘An inspiring read and pragmatic call to arms to help us all reduce the plastic in our lives.” Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, 2021

“This practical and inspiring book draws together the stories of ordinary people who decided to ‘be the change,’ and who will be your guides into a more sustainable way of living. The main takeaway from this book? That all of these changes, rather than diminishing us, actually make our lives fuller, richer, better connected and more purposeful. Wave farewell to plastic and discover a world of ingenuity and creativity!”Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition movement and author of From What Is to What If

C H A P T E R S:

Claudi’s plastic-free year – Claudi Williams lived without plastic for a year; how and what prompted her make the changes

The Truth about Waste by Dr Simon Pickering, local Green Councilor and ecologist—and why recycling isn’t the whole answer

Protect the Earth by Anita van Rossum – the Earth Protector movement and Ecocide

Plastic-Free Stories – from eleven other Stroud residents who have made small changes to their lives in response to the climate crisis

Step-by-step projects – make your own food wraps, sanitary towels, toothpaste, cleansing pads, household cleaning alternatives, clothes, and repairs

Claudi Williams

Claudi Williams and her family embarked on an experiment in 2016 to see if it would be possible to shop, eat, clean, wash, and clothe themselves without creating plastic waste. With her success, she was interviewed on radio programs and quoted in a newspaper as an example to be followed. Now others are joining in the fight to being more sustainable in their everyday lives, so here are tips and recipes to help you make small changes that together will make a big difference.