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Covid Vaccines from a Spiritual Perspective

Consequences for the Soul and Spirit and for Life after Death

Thomas Mayer
Preface by C. Pfeffer, MD
Translated by Carlotta Dyson
January 2023
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  • Publisher
    Clairview Books
  • Published
    31st January 2023
  • ISBN 9783910465008
  • Language English
  • Pages 392 pp.
  • Size 5" x 8.3"

Vaccination is a topic that has long divided opinion. Today, in view of Covid-19, that debate has become ever more polarized.

Illustrated throughout with full-color images, Covid Vaccines from a Spiritual Perspective deals with scientific facts, but also with research that requires spiritual-scientific methods. Led by main author and activist Thomas Mayer, the volume features reports, experiences and commentary from more than fifty contributors with clairvoyant and psychic abilities. From their observations, it is argued that Covid vaccines are not ‘harmless jabs’, but potentially violent interventions in the subtle structures of the human body, soul and spirit. The vaccines even have implications for an individual’s life beyond death. Instead of the soul evolving in the afterlife, it could remain bound to the earth, suffering deeply.

Although this book’s conclusions may appear alarming, it is not the author’s intention to create fear. He seeks only to provide useful information and enlightenment, demonstrating how vaccinated and unvaccinated people can deal with this subject consciously, courageously and with hope for the future.

C O N T E N T S:

Preface by C. Pfeffer, MD

Basic Considerations
Physically Visible Phenomena
Supersensible Research
Supersensible Observations of the Vaccinated
Investigation of the Vaccines
Spiritual Covid Vaccinations
Medication Damage during Life after Death
Damage from Covid Vaccination in the Life after Death
Covid19 Illness viewed Supersensibly

Rudolf Steiner on Vaccinations
Elaim Gairo: Covid19—Attack on the Spiritual Development of the Human Being
Heinz Grill: The Dark Shadow-specter in the Cosmos
Ajra Pogačnik: Breaking into the Sacred Space of Our Being
Robin Kaiser: Impact on Future Incarnations
Ines Siri Trost: Bridge-people

About the Reasons for Vaccination and Its Consequences
Personal Experience with Covid Vaccinations
Why do Vaccinated People Hardly Notice Changes in Themselves?
Covid Vaccination Constellation
At the Cutting Edge between Unvaccinated and Vaccinated
Views of Artists
Alien in Evolution
By Way of Comparison: How do Measles Vaccines Work?
What Is Illness and Infection?
Karmic Background
What Is Transhumanism?
How Does Soratic-spirit Infiltration Occur?
Cohesion or Fragmentation
Are Covid19 Infection, Vaccination, and Lockdowns Fed from the Same Spiritual Sources?
The New Fall of Humanity
Everything is Good if We Only Look Deep Enough
What-to-do Snippets


Further Experiences
Medical Examination of Novavax and Valneva
Supersensible Examination of Novavax and Valneva
Tips for Vaccination and Covid19 Processing


Thomas Mayer

Thomas Mayer, author, meditation teacher and civil rights activist, was born in southern Germany. He is co-founder of More Democracy, an association in Germany to further direct democracy or participatory politics, particularly through referenda (of which he has organized many). He has lectured widely on the subject of regional currencies and initiated pilot projects to introduce them. He organized a referendum in Switzerland in 2018 called ‘sovereign money’ regarding the question of who should have the right to create money: private banks or public institutions? Since 2004 he has been teaching anthroposophical meditation, together with Agnes Hardorp. He is the author of eleven books, including Answering the Call of the Elementals and Spirituelle Notwehr in der Coronakrise: 28 Meditationen (Spiritual self-defense in the corona crisis: 28 meditations).