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About the Future of Mankind

July 2022
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  • Publisher
    Occident Publishers
  • Published
    5th July 2022
  • ISBN 9789075240627
  • Language English
  • Pages 240 pp.

These transhumanists are not prepared to delve into the meaning and significance of the physical body itself. They simply want to get rid of it, having distilled from it what is most important to them: an algorithm based on computer science, which also contains certain creativity, as we know it in gaming. You have to be content with that creativity, further developed, of course. You then have to be happy with the unprecedented computing capacity as a basis for intelligence. Those future machine people, who will be something completely different from robots, will then take the place of biological humans....

When you meditatively absorb these insights, you find the opposite image and you more or less spontaneously arrive at the step in the development of humanity which is the “other half” of this and which still lies in a distant future. (Mieke Mosmuller)

Imagine humanity in a distant future. How would human society look like? How would human beings think? And above all, what would the human form be?

In the form of both lectures and conversations, Mieke Mosmuller reveals this “other half” of trans- and posthumanism. It is a spiritual vision of the future, not science fiction.

This book was originally published in Dutch as Posthumanismus: Über die Zukunft des Menschen by Occident Media B.V., 2020.

Mieke Mosmuller

Mieke Mosmuller (b.Feb. 21, 1951) was a student at the Barlaeus Gymnasium in Amsterdam before studying medicine at the University of Amsterdam. She practiced as a medical doctor for more than twenty-five years and opened an apothecary in Sittard. Working with illness and death raised questions in her about the nature of life. Since 1994, she has been writing about the spiritualization of intelligence and on other themes related to Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy. Her first book, Seek the Light that Rises in the West, lays the philosophical foundation for her later novels and books on spirituality. She has published more than fifty books, some translated into German, English, Danish, and French. She lectures and leads workshops in throughout Europe.