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Agnes Schneeberg-de Steur


Agnes Schneeberg-de Steur was born in The Hague, where she attended the Waldorf School. After studying and working both in the Netherlands and in Germany, she emigrated to Canada, where she obtained a university degree in classical Greek and German, as well as a college diploma in piano technology. She worked as piano technician, tuning and rebuilding pianos, and also had her own workshop, making furniture and wooden toys. More recently, she has translated and edited The Ten Commandments in Evolution by Ernst Katz, published by SteinerBooks, and An Outline of Spiritual Science by Rudolf Steiner, published by the Chadwick Library Press. She is currently translating lecture cycles for The Collected Works of Rudolf Steiner series.

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Author's Books

The Collected Works of Rudolf Steiner Series 155

Christ and the Human Soul

The Meaning of Life – The Spiritual Foundation of Morality – Anthroposophy and Christianity (CW 155)


The Ten Commandments in Evolution

A Spiritual-Scientific Study

Ernst Katz
Foreword by Virginia Sease, PhD
Edited and translated by Agnes Schneeberg-de Steur