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Gerald F. Karnow


Dr. Gerald F. Karnow, MD is a family medicine specialist in Spring Valley, New York. He studied at University of Chicago and currently practices at Fellowship Community Associates in Spring Valley.

Author's Books

Mercury Press Series

What Are We Really Eating?

Practical Aspects of Nutrition from the Perspective of Spiritual Science

Who Was Ita Wegman Series 4

Who Was Ita Wegman

A Documentation, Volume 4: Strengthening the Heart: Rudolf Steiner's Collaboration with Ita Wegman

Mercury Press Series

Warmth Course

The Theory of Heat: Second Scientific Lecture Course (CW 321)

Mercury Press Series

Anthroposophy and Science

Observation, Experiment, Mathematics (CW 324)

Healing Plants Series 2

Healing Plants

Volume II: Insights through Spiritual Science

Wilhelm Pelikan
Contributions by Gerhard Schmidt
Illustrated by Walther Roggenkamp
Translated by Harold Jurgens and Gerald F. Karnow