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Jannebeth Röell


Jannebeth Röell, a pioneer of anthroposophic nursing in North America, received her degree in nursing in The Hague, Netherlands, and worked in private practice with an anthroposophic physician, focusing on external therapies. During the course of her practice she worked extensively with the dying. Presently Jannebeth is making anthroposophic medicine preparations. She is also the translator of Perceiving Plants: Experiencing Elemental Beings: The Influence of Gnomes, Nymphs, Elves, and Fire Spirits upon the Life of Plants and (with James Lee) About Formative Forces in the Plant World,both authored by Dick van Romunde. Jannebeth Röell is also a watercolor and mixed media image artist. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

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Author's Books

Rudolf Steiner’s Esoteric Legacy of 1924 Series 2

The First Class of the Michael School

Recapitulation Lessons and Mantras (CW 270)

Rudolf Steiner’s Esoteric Legacy of 1924 Series 1

The First Class Lessons and Mantras

The Michael School Meditative Path in Nineteen Steps (CW 270)