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Alan Howard


Alan Howard was a teacher in public and Waldorf schools in England for about 35 years and editor of Child and Man, a magazine for Waldorf education in Great Britain. He emigrated to Canada to help found the first Waldorf school in Toronto. After retiring from teaching, he relocated to Vancouver and wrote for anthroposophical journals and lectured for the Anthroposophical Society throughout North America.

Author's Books

Alan Howard
Illustrated by Bethan Welby

You Wanted to Know

What a Waldorf School Is...and What It Is Not


Sex in the Light of Reincarnation and Freedom

Body Schema and Body Senses



Cosmic Influences on the Human Being (CW 207)

Volume 1

Life between Death and Rebirth

The Active Connection between the Living and the Dead (CW 140)

Rudolf Steiner
Foreword by Alan Howard
Translated by René M. Querido