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Gilbert Childs


Dr. Gilbert Childs attended the Steiner/Waldorf teacher-training course at Michael Hall in the UK after war service. He later studied at four universities, his doctoral thesis being "Steiner Education as Historical Necessity." After teaching at state and Steiner/Waldorf schools, Dr. Childs tutored for twenty years in a continuing-education college for severely physically disabled students. In his retirement, he is a full-time author and an avid gardener.

Author's Books

Secrets of Esoteric Christianity

The Two Marys, the Two Families of Jesus, and the Incarnation of Christ

Bringing Spirit to Life Series

Your Reincarnating Child

Welcoming a Soul to the World


Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

Steiner-Waldorf Education as a Demand of Our Time: An Esoteric Study

Bringing Spirit to Life Series

Understand Your Temperament!

A Guide to the Four Temperaments: Choleric - Sanguine - Phlegmatic - Melancholic


Mystery of the Universe

The Human Being, Image of Creation (CW 201)

Rudolf Steiner
Introduction by Gilbert Childs
Translated by George Adams and Mary Adams
Revised by Matthew Barton