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And This Is How Christmas Came...

Stories for Advent and Christmas

December 2021
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  • Publisher
    Wynstones Press
  • Published
    21st December 2021
  • ISBN 9780946206902
  • Language English
  • Pages 188 pp.
  • Size 6.5" x 9"

During the time of Advent and Christmas, the world often appears to be much more peaceful. However, now and again, shortly before Christmas Eve, there are all kinds of problems to be solved. Little Francesca is suddenly worried with the question of how old the Jesus Child actually is. In an orphanage, a foundling takes care to see that nothing continues as it was. The animals that guard the spring containing the water of life are very worried, because the spring threatens to dry up, and in Rályi’s and Bolyó’s family, it really looks as though Christmas might never come this year.

Yet time and again the children, the adults and the animals are helped in a wonderful way, so that all the questions are answered and difficult situations mastered—and that this year, too, there will be a Christmas to celebrate.

(19 Christmas stories for all ages)

Georg Dreissig

Georg Dreissig was born in Eschwege, Germany, in 1950 and attended the Waldorf School in Berlin. He initially studied medicine but then attended the seminary of The Christian Community in Stuttgart after completing his studies in physics. In 1977 he received ordination and was sent to Johannesburg, South Africa. In 1980 he returned to Stuttgart to work as editor in chief for the monthly magazine Die Christengemeinschaft until 2012. He has been a lecturer at the Stuttgart Seminary since 1988 and a seminar leader since 2006. In addition, Georg Dreißig is a parish priest, author of children's books and father of 5 sons.