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Sevak Gulbekian


Sevak Gulbekian was born in London in 1964. A publisher and writer, he is presently chief editor of Clairview Books, Temple Lodge Publishing, and Rudolf Steiner Press. His spiritual outlook is informed by the ancient heritage of his Armenian ancestry, the more modern esoteric research of Rudolf Steiner, as well as the many contemporary accounts of spiritual experience available today. Over the past decade he has sought to find ways of relating spirituality to present-day culture, a path he has elaborated through essays, talks, workshops, and, finally, in this volume. In his professional work he publishes books that challenge the "received wisdoms" of the media and the materialistic dogmas of the age. Sevak is also a qualified and registered homeopath. He lives in Sussex, England.

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Author's Books

In the Belly of the Beast

Holding Your Own in Mass Culture


The Future is Now

Anthroposophy at the New Millennium


The Incarnation of Ahriman

The Embodiment of Evil on Earth

Rudolf Steiner
Introduction by Sevak Gulbekian
Translated by Matthew Barton