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Auragole Series 3

Auragole of Mattelmead

Book Three of Aurogole’s Journey

August 2009
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  • Publisher
    Lindisfarne Books
  • Published
    28th August 2009
  • ISBN 9781584200772
  • Language English
  • Pages 520 pp.

Auragole seemed to have one overriding emotion, Lorenwile observed as they walked down street after street in Mattelmead City. It was amazement. He was perpetually startled by what his eyes were taking in and what his ears were hearing. He often looked like a deer flushed out of hiding.

Lorenwile had taken Auragole on several tours of the city since he had arrived. Now Auragole's fascination with the grandeur of the city both delighted Lorenwile and caused him some concern. After all, Mattelmead City could be very seductive. What would Auragole do when the Last Battle came? Would he serve the Creative Gods and tip the scale in their favor, or would he become an ally of the Nethergod and help pull the Deep Earth and all humanity away from its rightful goal?

Auragole of Mattelmead is the third novel in the quartet, "Auragole's Journey."

Aurogole’s Journey:

1. Auragole of the Mountains
2. Auragole of the Way
3. Auragole of Mattelmead
4. Auragole and the Last Battle
5. Meekelorr: The Early Years (the prequel)

    Shirley Latessa

    Shirley Latessa was born in Michigan and spent her teenage years in a Zionist youth movement. In her twenties, she studied acting and performing in New York and Cleveland, where she met her husband, with whom she had three daughters. In her thirties, Ms. Latessa began studying Anthroposophy. Though she started writing at a young age, it was not until her thirties that she began to write seriously, including song lyrics, plays, and a book and lyrics for a musical. She has coedited two books of nonfiction, The Changing Countenance of Cosmology and Isis Sophia. She has also written two novels, Eighteen Days till Home and Dancing in the Fire, as well as a book of poetry, Summing Up. Ms. Latessa's most recent work is the fantasy quartet called “Auragole’s Journey,” which includes Auragole of the Mountains; Auragole of the Way; Auragole of Mattelmead; and Auragole and the Last Battle (from Lindisfarne Books). She lives in Greenwich Village, New York City.