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Auragole Series 4

Auragole and the Last Battle

Book Four of Aurogole’s Journey

August 2009
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  • Publisher
    Lindisfarne Books
  • Published
    28th August 2009
  • ISBN 9781584200789
  • Language English
  • Pages 300 pp.

Lorenwile stopped mid-song. The sudden cessation of sound was so jarring that for a moment Auragole couldn't remember where he was. A rush of mindless images tumbled across his inner eye and brought him to total wakefulness, leaving him dizzy and unstable on his feet.

He had been listening intently to Lorenwile, as the master singer had taken him deep into the origins of the glacier they were observing from an adjoining hillside. Lorenwile was standing stark still, his harp hanging loosely in his hand, he eyes closed. But Lorenwile was not back here, not on a treeless hill overlooking a slow-moving waterfall of frozen snow. Something was wrong. Finally, Lorenwile opened his eyes.

"Get your things. We have to get back." He hummed to his horse, and without waiting to see if Auragole was following, Lorenwile was on Midnight's back, and riding downhill.

As Auragole came alongside him, Lorenwile said, "It's begun. The Last Battle. The enemy struck early this afternoon." And then Lorenwile, without waiting for Auragole's response, urged his horse into a gallop....

Auragole and the Last Battle is the final novel in the exciting quartet, "Auragole's Journey."

Aurogole’s Journey:

1. Auragole of the Mountains
2. Auragole of the Way
3. Auragole of Mattelmead
4. Auragole and the Last Battle
5. Meekelorr: The Early Years (the prequel)

    Shirley Latessa

    Shirley Latessa was born in Michigan and spent her teenage years in a Zionist youth movement. In her twenties, she studied acting and performing in New York and Cleveland, where she met her husband, with whom she had three daughters. In her thirties, Ms. Latessa began studying Anthroposophy. Though she started writing at a young age, it was not until her thirties that she began to write seriously, including song lyrics, plays, and a book and lyrics for a musical. She has coedited two books of nonfiction, The Changing Countenance of Cosmology and Isis Sophia. She has also written two novels, Eighteen Days till Home and Dancing in the Fire, as well as a book of poetry, Summing Up. Ms. Latessa's most recent work is the fantasy quartet called “Auragole’s Journey,” which includes Auragole of the Mountains; Auragole of the Way; Auragole of Mattelmead; and Auragole and the Last Battle (from Lindisfarne Books). She lives in Greenwich Village, New York City.