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Women with Christ

Contemplations on the Months of the Year: Twelve Women Who Changed the World

October 2015
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  • Publisher
    Temple Lodge Publishing
  • Published
    26th October 2015
  • ISBN 9781906999841
  • Pages 206 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

In a rich contemplation of Christian life and practice, Louise Mary Sofair relates the events in the Gospels to the rhythms of the year. Viewing the key Christian festivals from the perspective of the twelve months of the yearly cycle, she points to relevant events in the Gospels and focuses on the role of women.

In the second part of the book she celebrates the biographies of twelve influential women who played significant roles in the development of humanity—from medieval women such as Clare of Assisi and Eleanor of Castile to the more recent Edith Stein and Ita Wegman.

In her concluding chapter, the author discusses the meaning of the “Eternal Feminine” and its implications for the future of humanity. With reference to the Book of Revelation, she describes how “the united masculine, spiritual element and feminine, higher-soul element of the future human an invitation to all those who wish to share in the community of eternal Life.”

Although centered on themes of feminine spirituality, this book is relevant to anyone interested in the task of personal transformation and the healthy progress of the human race.

C O N T E N T S:



January — A Matriarchal or Patriarchal Society?
February — Light after Birth
March — “She Has Prepared Me”
April — The Resurrection of the Soul
May — The Mother
June — Spiritual Proclamations
July — Consciousness for Our Time
August — Christ’s Healing of Women
September — Balancing Empathy and Logic
October — The World Soul Working in Daily Life
November — Community of Spirit
December — Pastoral Work


Hrotsvite (Roswitha) of Gandersheim (c.935–1000)
Clare of Assisi (1194–1253)
Eleanor of Castile (1241–1290)
Catherine of Siena (1347–1380)
Margery Kempe (c.1378–after 1438)
Teresa of Avila (1515–1582)
Mary Moffat (1795–1871)
Josephine Butler (1828–1906)
Eglantyne Jebb (1876–1928)
Edith Stein (1891–1942)
Ita Wegman (1876–1943)
Evelyn Francis Capel (1911–2000)

Conclusion: Contemplating Eternal Feminine


Louise Mary Sofair

Louise Mary Sofair was born in Central Africa in 1953 and studied speech and drama in England. She became the principal of a drama studio, also teaching privately at home and abroad. Later she taught at the King’s Langley Rudolf Steiner School, where she specialized in drama and religion and was active in many aspects of school life, including pastoral care. Having raised four children and is now retired, though she continues to write, study, and support the work of The Christian Community.