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Meeting Michael

Further Communications from Spirit Worlds

May 2024
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  • Publisher
    Temple Lodge Publishing
  • Published
    17th May
  • ISBN 9781915776143
  • Language English
  • Pages 124 pp.
  • Size 5.5" x 8.5"

“This book is a continuation of my previous publication Encounters with Vidar (2022), which in turn was a sequel to my book Travels on the Northern Path of Initiation (2021). In These volumes, I describe how, during a period of intense fatigue after having caught Covid-19, I traversed all three realms of the elemental world, eventually reaching what I call the ‘outer realm’ of the etheric.” (from the foreword)

Norwegian healer and clairvoyant Are Thoresen invites us to accompany him on his further travels on the Northern path of initiation. Having previously traversed the realms of the elemental world, he now takes us to the astral regions and Devachan, where we meet a series of extraordinary entities, culminating in a dialogue with the Antichrist and an exploration of the sublime spheres of the Time Spirit, Michael.

Thoresen contrasts Vidar’s path (“through the mysteries of the spirit”) with “the mysteries of the earth,” and discusses the differences between the Vidar and Michael paths. Guided by Scythianus, he is introduced to Ymir, the Spirit of the Earth—a being who has been in existence since before earthly time began. Ymir reveals the earth’s twelve layers, where the cosmic entity Anna exists. Known in history as the grandmother of Jesus, Anna represents the feminine aspect of the path into devachanic realms. Through her portal, Thoresen enters the higher spiritual worlds, where he receives teaching on the true mission of the human being.

“With this book, I am once again inviting you to share the observations and reports of my current research. I thank you for following me and taking part—through your own consciousness—in these thoughts and ideas. Many of these findings are still in the process of ‘becoming.’ Thus, the contents are not intended as fixed teachings, new dogmas or beliefs, but are brought forth in the spirit of open, spiritual-scientific exploration and discovery.” — Are Thoresen

Meeting Michael concludes the trilogy that also includes Travels on the Northern Path of Initiation and Encounters with Vidar.

C O N T E N T S:


My Lecture Tour in the USA
Meeting Scythianus
Meeting Ymir
Meeting Anna
Entering Devachan
Meeting Ariel
The Astral World
Meeting the Antichrist
Meeting Michael
The Higher Angelic Realms
An Overview of Devachan

Afterword: Reflections on the Vidar and Michael Paths

Appendix: An Investigation into the Differences between Study and Spiritual Experience

Are Thoresen

Are Simeon Thoresen, DVM, was born in Norway in 1952. A doctor of veterinary medicine, he has also studied anthroposophic medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, and agriculture. Since 1981, he has operated a private holistic practice in Sandefjord, Norway, for healing small animals and horses, as well as people. He has lectured widely, specializing in veterinary acupuncture, and has published dozens of scholarly articles. Since 1984, he has treated cancer patients, both human and animals, which has become the focus of much of his recent research. He is the author of Demons and Healing and other books on complementary medicine.