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Psychotronics and a Biodynamic Garden

How to Grow and Harvest Healthier Food through Radionics and Dowsing

April 2021
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  • Publisher
    Portal Books
  • Published
    6th April 2021
  • ISBN 9781938685316
  • Language English
  • Pages 228 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

Dowsing and radionics are two practices and procedures for interpreting and interacting with the natural world. They nurture the processes of gardening, farming, and landscaping through communication with subtle levels of reality.

Nature spirits and other forms of intelligence in nature play major roles. They can be readily contacted and nourished when we combine psychotronic methods with the traditional practices of a biodynamic approach. George Kuepper describes and discusses numerous procedures that have evolved from decades of working with agricultural radionics and recent research in his biodynamic garden. 

This guidebook to growing better food is well referenced, with numerous illustrations, photos, tables, and examples. Gardeners and farmers who want to improve their plants and harvests using sustainable methods will find practical help and much food for thought here.

“Psychotronics covers a range of modalities (including dowsing and radionics) that can be used to access and study the hidden reality behind our physical world. It provides us with practical means for investigating, navigating, and even changing this reality. Without a doubt, psychotronics is controversial and the amount of misinformation and disinformation surrounding it is dizzying. So, understand that what I’m presenting here is a working paradigm. It will explain how I have come to understand psychotronics and how I am using it.” —George Kuepper (from the book)

Includes 55 illustrations, diagrams, and charts.

C O N T E N T S:

Preface: How to Understand this Book

1. Psychotronics
2. How to Dowse: Introduction to YES/NO Dowsing
3. Establishing Projects and Priorities
4. Plant–Earth Alignment
5. Intent and Manifestation
6. Psychotronics Broadcasting
7. More about Witnesses and Protocols
8. Recycling Frequencies: An Application of Psychotronics
9. Rationale for the Plant-positive Approach
10. Biodynamics
11. Nature Beings, Psychotronics, and Co-creative Gardening
12. Balancing the Whole Farm and Homestead
13. Balancing the Garden and Field
14. Balancing Individual Crops and Plants

Appendix 1:
The Evolution of Radionics and Psychotronics for Farming and Gardening
Appendix 2:

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George Kuepper

George Kuepper has more than four decades of experience in sustainable and organic farming and gardening, and has practiced radionics for well over three decades. He is the author of Radionics, Reality and Man, and Plants, Soils, Earth Energy and Radionics, as well as numerous articles and publications on sustainable agriculture and small-scale farming. George lives rural northwestern Arkansas with his wife Dee and their cat Miss Kitty.