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Margaret Jonas


Margaret Jonas was the librarian at Rudolf Steiner House, London, for many years, and has studied anthroposophy since 1975. Her special interests include history, religion, astrology, astronomy, literature, the Grail, psychology, and states of consciousness. She is the author of The Templar Spirit and editor of an anthology by Rudolf Steiner on the subject. She has edited several other anthologies of Steiner's work and has written articles for various journals. She lives in Sussex, England, and has a son.

Author's Books

The Three Wise Men

And the Birth of Jesus


The Northern Enchantment

Norse Mythology, Earth Mysteries and Celtic Christianity


The Templar Spirit

The Esoteric Inspiration, Rituals, and Beliefs of the Knights Templar


Sexuality, Love, and Partnership

From the Perspective of Spiritual Science


Astronomy and Astrology

Finding a Relationship to the Cosmos


The Knights Templar

The Mystery of the Warrior Monks