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The Collected Works of Rudolf Steiner Series 264 Read Description

From the History and Contents of the First Section of the Esoteric School

Letters, Documents, and Lectures: 1904–1914 (CW 264)

December 2010
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    20th December 2010
  • ISBN 9780880106405
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Letters, Documents, and Lectures (CW 264)

“Rudolf Steiner has become the pioneer in the very domain where, through his indications, human beings for the first time have been allowed freedom...he had to build a basis and create a spiritual attitude through which—by finding the solid moral support within—one might in this freedom avoid falling prey to temptation and aberration.” —Marie Steiner

This is an important text for anyone interested in the development of Rudolf Steiner's teaching and for those wishing to explore the advice and admonitions Steiner provided for his early esoteric students. This collection of letters, circulars, and lectures offer a glimpse of the birth of the anthroposophic movement from the German section of the Theosophical Society of the late nineteenth century. One gains a clear picture of why Steiner could no longer work within the theosophic framework, as well as the events that led to the split between the Theosophical Society under the leadership of Annie Besant and the Esoteric School under Steiner's guidance and leadership.

Primarily in the form of letters are the specific exercises and advice that Steiner gave to pupils who wished to further their spiritual capacities. Also included are his early lectures and teachings concerning the "Masters" and their relationship to human evolution.

From the History and Contents of the First Section of the Esoteric School 1904–1914 includes introductory and concluding remarks by Hella Wiesberger, the original editor of this book.

German source: Zur Geschichte und aus den Inhalten der ersten Abteilung der Esoterischen Schule, 1904–1914 (GA 264).

C O N T E N T S:

Introduction by Christopher Bamford
Translator’s Foreword
Introduction to the German Edition by Hella Wiesberger

PART I: The Founding of the First Section of the Esoteric School: 1904–1914

PART II: The History of the Separation of the Esoteric School into an Eastern and a Wester School in 1907

PART III: The Relationship between the Movement, the Esoteric School, and the Society

Preliminary Remarks by the German Editors of the Second Edition
A. Exegesis to “Light on the Path” by Mabel Collins
B. Rudolf Steiner’s Explanations of “The Voice of the Silence” by H. P. Blavatsky
C. Excerpt from the German translation of H. P. Blavatsky’s “The Voice of the Silence”
D. Notes from H. P. Blavatsky’s “ES Instructions No. III”

Biographical Notes

Chronological List of Letters, Documents, and Lectures

Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner (b. Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner, 1861–1925) was born in the small village of Kraljevec, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now in Croatia), where he grew up. As a young man, he lived in Weimar and Berlin, where he became a well-published scientific, literary, and philosophical scholar, known especially for his work with Goethe’s scientific writings. At the beginning of the twentieth century, he began to develop his early philosophical principles into an approach to systematic research into psychological and spiritual phenomena. Formally beginning his spiritual teaching career under the auspices of the Theosophical Society, Steiner came to use the term Anthroposophy (and spiritual science) for his philosophy, spiritual research, and findings. The influence of Steiner’s multifaceted genius has led to innovative and holistic approaches in medicine, various therapies, philosophy, religious renewal, Waldorf education, education for special needs, threefold economics, biodynamic agriculture, Goethean science, architecture, and the arts of drama, speech, and eurythmy. In 1924, Rudolf Steiner founded the General Anthroposophical Society, which today has branches throughout the world. He died in Dornach, Switzerland.